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Learn Violin Fast With Our 6 Month Course


Fun, Exciting Violin Lessons
For Less Than $10 A Lesson 

24 Lessons and Over 20 Practice Videos

Private Violin Lessons are expensive. Trying to learn violin from free Youtube videos is slow and painful. Play Violin Lessons was designed to solve both these problems, offering affordable violin lessons that build your skills in a way that makes sense.


Each lesson builds on the last, and each lesson comes with guided practice videos. Any questions you have will be answered by a real, experienced violin player. And monthly check-ins are available to accelerate your learning and provide accountability, something missing from a lot of online courses.

20 Years of Experience

My name is Brandon Smith. I've been a professional touring musician for over 10 years, playing styles from jazz to rock to classical to folk and fiddle. I've been lucky enough to play venues all across the country with my band The Appleseed Collective, from Sisters Folk Fest in Oregon to the Ann Arbor Folk Fest in Michigan.


I’ve also been teaching students of all ages and skill levels for over 20 years now. Everyone I’ve taught had one thing in common: once they got a basic grip on fundamentals, violin became a source of true joy for them.


That’s why I developed this 6 month course, focused on teaching you the fundamentals of violin FAST. I want you to experience the joy that myself and so many others have found from playing violin.


What's Better For You, Private Lessons Or An Online Course?

The more advanced the student, the more important personal guidance becomes...


Private Online Lessons


  • One-On-One Attention

  • Accountability

  • Personalized Curriculum

  • Helps To Motivate Student


  • Beginner students often "stall" for time out of embarrassment, waste lesson time

  • Lessons are expensive, $70-$100 an hour

Our Online Violin Course


  • Affordable

  • Each Lesson Builds On The Last

  • Can Be Completed At Student's Pace

  • Guided Practice Sessions

  • Most Efficient Use Of Time


  • Less Hands On Time With Teacher

Learn the basics and the fun stuff becomes easy! 


Hands On Learning

Get One-on-one attention whenever you want it. Supercharge your learning and make the most of your practice time with personalized suggestions!

Our Course Benefits


Guided Practice

No more guessing at what you need to practice. Follow along with practice videos and written exercises designed to build your skill and coordination.


Flexible Curriculum

Learn at your own pace. Complete the course in 6 months or take a full year. Once you purchase the course you'll have access for life. 


“Brandon is a patient and spirited teacher! I didn't feel forced into mimicking a certain style—he helped me learn the fundamentals so I could have the tools to be able to play the music of my choice.”

Donya K.

Learn Online

Establish The Fundamentals of Violin In Our Fun 6 Month Course

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